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1.4. Avoid using `get` in your Query resolvers.

The rule goes without saying. Avoid using get in your Query resolvers. A resolver is a function that resolves a value for a field in a schema, so using get is redundant and likely inherited from RESTful API naming conventions. But keep action verbs in Mutations - like deletePost, createPost.

query {
  post {
-    getLikedByUsers(first: Int) # BAD
+    likedByUsers(first: Int) # GOOD

Frontend developers with the query above in their code will use it something like this (and it's obvious that getLikedByUsers looks a little bit awkward):

export function Example() {
  const { data } = useQuery();
-  return <div>{data.post.getLikedByUsers}</div>
+  return <div>{data.post.likedByUsers}</div>